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Do you believe on the tooth fairy which says wiggly and loose teeth in children means that they would soon be richer? Keeping aside the personal views, have you ever worried about your child’s crooked teeth, or anxious by your own looks in the mirror, or disturbed by someone’s comments on your appearance? We understand ‘the cutest smile on your face’ is the best ornament you could wear to make you look charm.

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodonticsis the treatment method to move and straighten your crooked, misaligned, twisted, or overlappingteeth for them togive a good look and work better.

What are the reasons for crooked teeth?

Most often, crooked teeth are inherited traits and other reasons are:

  • Early loss of teeth
  • Jaw misalignment due to an injury
  • Teeth gum disease (Gingivitis)
  • Improper dental treatments or restorations (crowns, fillings, etc.)
  • Mouth or jaw tumors
  • Thumb sucking in children
  • Prolong use of feeding bottles in babies
  • Inserting or sucking of external things (such as pencils and pens) in school children

What problems do the misaligned teeth cause in children and adults?

  • It affects the face appearance and you might feel less confidence in publicly speaking or even to smile with the person appearing in front. Your self-consciousness on your appearance badly reduces your self-esteem.
  • It becomes difficult to properly chew what you eat and some things you tend to swallow without properly chewing and it gives more work for the digestive system.
  • It affects the health condition of other teeth due to food buildup and plaque causing tooth decay, gum diseases, cavities, toothache, etc.
  • It might also cause earaches and headaches when the teeth structure is misaligned due to strain in teeth, jaws and muscles.
  • It causes speech difficulties or not being able to properly pronounce words.

Whom should you meet if you have crooked teeth?

Meet your dentist at the first phase,and he would perform the Orthodontics treatment to correct your teeth. If it is more complicated to treat, your dentist will further refer you to a specialist in orthodontics, who is known as an Orthodontist.

How does the dentist diagnose the dental conditions?

The dentist will require several x-rays and photographs of your face capturing teeth, jaws and head to study initially the position of the teeth and its roots. Understanding the position and the possibility of any new teeth coming up is essentially analyzed by the dentist. He will explain all facts about your teeth and issues. If the condition is easy to be treated, he will proceed the treatment with your consent and choice, or would refer to an orthodontist.

Who are the suitable candidates for an Orthodontic treatment?

This treatment can be performed in children and adults, who have healthy and adequate number of permanent teeth. Few dentists do not prefer treating baby teeth, as in common cases when they fall off healthy strong teeth come up. However, in certain conditions orthodontist might start the treatment early even before getting the permanent adult teeth.

What are the types of Orthodontic treatments?


Braces are the common or mostly required type of corrective treatment to the teeth. Brackets (or bands) are attached to each tooth, arch wires are used to connect all the brackets and they are usually held in place with rubber or wire ties. You can choose your braces of your preference, which are available as

  • Removable braces – that can be removed when you want and fixed again by your own,
  • Fixed braces – that cannot be removed by your own,
  • Invisible braces – that are made of rough and clear moulds, etc.


This appliance fits around your head and neck. Headgear would be necessitated to direct the tooth movements and for jaw growth. This is mostly used in children than in adults. You do not need to wear a headgear every time; instead your orthodontist will specify the best time to wear it and for how long.

Removable appliances

These are also similar to braces and may be worn instead of braces or before starting to wear them or together with them, depending on the requirement.


Retainers are usually worn for a specific period after successfully using other appliances. This is used during the ‘retention period’ to keep the corrected teeth in the right position for some time and to avoid them again taking the wrong position.

Oral surgery

At certain instances, an oral surgery might be required for a tooth removal if your teeth are over-crowded inside the mouth or to correct the position of upper or lower jaw.

How long do Orthodontic treatments take for complete curing?

It totally depends on the tooth condition and your dedication in correctly using the appliances. Minor conditions can be treated within few months, whereas other conditions might require about 2 1/2 – 3 years.

Are the Orthodontic treatments complicated?

Do not worry about the treatment complications – if you are in the best hands of an experienced orthodontist, he will take extreme care of your teeth. However, you should be prepared to tolerate the inconvenience of a foreign device inside your mouth pressing your teeth. For few days or first couple of weeks, you will feel difficulties in speaking and biting with the appliance. You will shortly get used to it and it is important not to decide to give up at the early stage. Consult your orthodontist, if it is extremely difficult to manage and he would do adjustments to the appliances.

How successful are the Orthodontic treatments?

Orthodontic treatments by an experienced specialist are highly successful and the teeth appearance completely changes normal following the treatment. However, your commitment is also equally important during the process.

Orthodontic treatments are very affordable, much technically advanced and less noticeable. When your smile is important, when staying in healthy is important, when your self-confidence is important, and when orthodontic treatments are at your easy reach, there is no other reason for ignoring correctable crooked teeth. Consult the best orthodontist in the city for the safest and successful orthodontic treatments.

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