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New Year, New You, And A New Smile!

New Year, New You, And A New Smile!
Mar 01st, 2018

There are several ways to usher in the new year with a bang, but nothing compares to a beautiful smile that reflects the positivity you feel about your mental and physical health. Not only a smile helps you look positive, but when you smile your brain is programmed to release the hormones that make you feel positive too. A perfect, white and bright smile can be a great asset for anyone in every walk of life, and due to the easy availability of affordable cosmetic dentistry in Chanakyapuri, you can get that perfect smile too.


There are safe and effective procedures available in our city that help you prevent the effects that coffee, wine, and all your favorite foods, have on your teeth. Stubborn stains that may steal your confidence from you, and make you conscious when you smile. You just do not need to compromise anymore. In as little as a single visit, this can all, be left in the past. With the several services related to cosmetic dentistry in Chanakyapuri your teeth too can become several shades whiter. These treatments are effective, quick and affordable and absolutely safe.

Porcelain veneers

In case you have chippings or microcracks that make you feel less than confident while smiling, then porcelain veneers are an excellent option. Veneers completely mask all kinds of unsightly flaws, safely and effectively. With a few adjustments, this is also a good solution for minor misalignment and can make your teeth look bigger and more proportionate.

Veneers are extremely effective, given that they blend completely with the contours of your teeth, and improve their look. Not only this, but durability is another plus. With proper care veneers may last for up to ten years. Now that is an investment worth celebrating.


Not only do they look less than pretty, but crooked teeth can also actually cause problems in your mouth. Misaligned teeth are much more difficult to clean regularly and properly. Multiple misalignments can even cause cracks and chips in teeth.

Invisalign is the latest achievement of dental science. These clear thermoplastic aligners gently press your teeth and reposition them without ever being seen. And it takes only forty-eight weeks in most cases.

Other than these there are the traditional braces, that are most commonly used for children, between ages 7-14 and metal braces that are applied to the inside of your teeth, and almost invisible.

How to start

The first step obviously is to visit your dentist. After an initial examination, of your mouth dentists make sure that there are no limiting health concerns, for a cosmetic dental procedure. Once past this stage you can discuss all the information you need and explore the options available basis your budget, your need and the advice from the dentist.

There are several options for cosmetic procedure available in the market. Gone are the days of complicated, expensive and inconvenient oral fixtures, and chemicals that did more harm than help. Options for cosmetic dentistry in Chanakyapuri are truly world-class, yet absolutely affordable.

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