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Dental Health and Death, Where Is the Connection?

Dental Health and Death, Where Is the Connection?
Mar 05th, 2018

The human body is a fragile biological machine. Yes, this same human body has created marvels that compete with nature in their magnificence, but even the smallest of infections in the teeth can prove fatal too. You can consult a dentist in Chanakyapuri  and learn more about these complications.

Oral Infections and health risks

Once infected, the nerves within your teeth become vulnerable to complex health issues. And given he moist, and warm conditions of the mouth infections spread quickly and can be quite challenging to stop, if not taken care of on time. Further, the mouth is close to another extremely important but unfortunately very fragile organ, the Brain. A tooth infection can sometimes spread to the brain through the sinus. The smallest of bacterial infection can lead to more complex and demanding medical conditions. 

Abscessed tooth and Endocarditis

Some bacterial infections can cause severe medical issues. Abscessed tooth causes bacterial diseases that, if left untreated, can spread to the heart tissues. The inner surface of the heart valves is called endocardium. In case of injuries or damages to the endocardium, bacteria in the bloodstream, which goes through the heart, can lodge on to the valves of the heart muscle or heart lining. This rare but fatal situation is called endocarditis.

The second stage of this condition causes severe headaches, which may even me be a symptom of a bacterial infection of the brain.
Periodontal abscess, gingival abscess, and periapical abscess all are kinds of a dental abscess depending upon the area where the bacteria have developed. The periapical abscess and periodontal abscess are quite fatal and lead to life-threatening medical situations if left untreated. 

Gum diseases and heart diseases

Gums are more than just the placeholders for teeth. They cover the majority of nerve openings, and healthy gums are the first step toward a healthy mouth. Gum diseases contribute to a high risk of heart diseases. The oral bacteria can mix with the bloodstream, and this bacterial growth can even obstruct the blood flow causing fatal cardiac arrests. Mostly gingivitis or other advanced periodontal disease contribute to such cardiovascular complications. And while this may concern you, a qualified dentist in Chanakyapuri can help you prevent such difficulty.

Oral health is the basis of the overall well being

Most health experts and physicians believe that oral health is imperative for the overall well-being of the whole body. And it only does make sense. With the food that we eat, the oxygen we intake, the water we drink, the mouth is the first and foremost channel through which the outer world interacts with the insides of our body. And the condition of the mouth, therefore, cannot just be ignored. Dental health can further mean better chewing and general eating habits. Not only does this mean better digestion, but the absorption of the right kind of nutrients by our body.

Of course, any part of the human body needs proper care and regular maintenance, but none so much as the mouth. Dental science thankfully has evolved to achieve tremendous success in the cure and prevention of diseases, and while these are valid concerns, qualified dentists are saving people from further medical complications every day.

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