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Busting the Myth Surrounding Root Canal

Busting the Myth Surrounding Root Canal
Mar 05th, 2018

"Root Canal" There is any number of horror stories that can flash in your mind when you hear these words. The most feared and in many cases misunderstood dental procedures, which despite an excellent success rate and all the related medical advancement still strikes fear in the hearts of patients. Socially and on the internet exaggerated rumors and myths have made this treatment a subject of fear and confusion, and even those who may surely benefit from this want to avoid it at all costs. World class Root Canal treatment in Connaught Place is available now, and if recommended by a dentist, must undoubtedly be tried. 

A root canal might have been painful, in fact, it must have been painful, before the powerful anesthetics of today were invented. And If they were not painful, they must have been extremely inconvenient at the very least. The science and the art of dentistry, however, has grown beyond such limitations and is a way more sophisticated discipline in today's day and age. There is no valid reason to fear an excellent treatment like this anymore.

Root canal is not painful

The procedure indeed is quite invasive. But given the powerful anesthetics and advanced dentistry equipment, there is no actual pain at all. Local anesthetics are given to minimize, and in most cases eliminate any uncomfortable sensations in the mouth, and a qualified dentist can easily ensure that the patient is absolutely comfortable, for the entire duration of the procedure.

Root Canal does not require multiple visits to the dentist.

With the modern dental, medical advancements a complete Root canal treatment usually, can be finished in one single sitting. Two visits may be required, but that is rare and happens only when there are other complications.

Root Canal is not expensive

All medical treatments cost money, and dental treatments are no exceptions. Given that the Root canal treatment is a detailed procedure, it requires bit more elaborate materials, medications, and equipment, etc., but compared to all this; it cannot be canceled out as an overly expensive procedure, especially given that it is usually the last resort for severe dental issues. 

Root canal does not essentially weaken your teeth

Since the pulp has been removed from the tooth, there are no nerves left in the tooth to enable any sensation. This means that the tooth is unlikely to be as strong as the natural and healthy, but the actual structure of the tooth remains the same. It is true that you will need to avoid biting on harder objects with the restored tooth, but with proper care when biting and chewing, this should not be all that difficult.

Root canal is much better than removing the tooth completely

Unlike baby teeth, once your adult teeth are gone, there is nothing to replace it. Removing a tooth means you will need a replacement with a denture or maybe dental implant. If cared for properly, a tooth treated with the root canal procedure should be strong enough for regular lifestyle and will be completely natural. This apparently means it is better to get a Root Canal treatment in Connaught Place and get the tooth cured instead of getting it extracted unnecessarily.

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